About us

The Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-profit organization, established over 30 years ago, in 1985, that aims to promote the bilateral interests of its membership in respect to commercial, trade and industrial links between businesses in Portugal and Israel. 

In order to fulfill this goal, we run a comprehensive program of networking events and make available data and a number of useful business services, assisting individuals and companies of both countries in achieving the successful accomplishment of their businesses.

By joining the Chamber, a company may benefit not only from a number of services, but also from joining a network of companies interested in bilateral Portuguese-Israeli trade and commerce, with all the communications and opportunities this implies.

We strongly encourage all companies to make the CCPI a vital part of their business development strategy.


The Chamber of Commerce Portugal-Israel collaborates with the Economical Departments of the Israeli Embassy in Portugal and of the Portuguese Embassy in Israel, with the Israel-Portugal Chamber of Commerce and a variety of players in both countries that can provide valuable information and major contributions to the development of bilateral business in several sectors between Portuguese and Israeli entrepreneurs.