About us

The Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce (CCPI) is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to promote the bilateral interests of its membership in respect to commercial, trade and industrial links between businesses in Portugal and Israel. 

The Chamber is a non-party political organization funded by the subscriptions paid by its Members and the services it provides.

It was founded in August 8, 1985 by its first President, Luís Gallego, with great enthusiasm and personal effort.

The following entities and companies were members of the first Board: Moisés Ayash, El-Al Airlines, Portucel, Albert Oulman & Cia. Lda., Marcelo Benasulin, A. Kolinski Lda. and Produtos Alimentares António e Henrique Serrano S.A.R.L.

Through the efforts of the late Moisés Ayash, then President of the General Assembly, namely through his personal connections in Porto, the very first eleven companies, including banks, industries, textile and alternative energy firms, joined the Chamber of Commerce.

On one of its first Board meetings, the CCPI decided to organize its first conferences and business lunches, meant for members and invitees at the Hotel Diplomático, in Lisbon, inviting businessmen, politicians, and intellectuals, among others, to address speeches.

These were extremely successful, thus filling the venue again and again. The first keynote speaker was Minister Luís Mira Amaral. The second one was António Guterres, who was then then the Secretary General of the Socialist Party, just a few days before he was elected Prime-Minister. Joaquim Pina Moura, then Minister of Economy, was also among the Chamber’s keynote speakers.

The President of the Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Luís Gallego and his Vice-President, José Oulman Carp, attended the opening session of the France-Israel House, in Paris, along with the Presidents and representatives of most of the Israel Chambers of Commerce of Europe.

The Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce was also represented in several international events, such as the Meeting of the ECC (European Economic Community)-Israel, in Brussels, and the 3rd General Assembly of the Europe-Israel Chamber of Commerce, in Tel Aviv.

Through its other Vice-President, António Moura Santos, the Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce has always had excellent contacts, both with official institutions and with the Israeli Embassy in Lisbon, which also gave its utmost support in the publication of the Chamber’s monthly bulletin.

Luís Gallego was re-elected as President several times until the 2004 election of Vasco Weinberg, a well-known law professor. The latter was replaced in 2008 by Carlos Teixeira, MD of Teva Pharma Portugal until Frederico Moura Pinheiro, a renowned lawyer, took his place. Presently, the President is António Korn, who holds and impressive track record as a business man in a broad spectrum of activity areas. 

Throughout time, the Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce has always maintained good an excellent relationship the Embassies of Israel in Portugal and of Portugal in Israel, as well as with the Israel-Portugal Chamber of Commerce, headed by Michael Izhar.  

By joining the Chamber, a company may not only profit from a number of exclusive services, but also join and gain access to a network of companies interested in bilateral Portuguese-Israeli trade and commerce and to business opportunities.

We strongly encourage all companies to make the CCPI a vital part of their business development strategy.


To promote bilateral trade and business opportunities between Portugal and Israel by assisting companies engaged in bilateral trade to gain access to the appropriate services, guidance and contacts for the furtherance of their business.


  • To promote and to protect the Members’ interests, including the furthering of all types of product, service or technology exchange between Portugal and Israel.
  • To present relevant services and a varied program of events which will both strengthen the financial base of the Chamber and create a general awareness of Portugal’s and Israel’s business issues.
  • To create a platform of communication among the existing Members and, as a result, have their experiences being shared.
  • To add value, through the Chamber’s activities and services, to the growth of bilateral economic cooperation between Portugal and Israel.
  • To monitor the proposed legislation which might affect Members’ interests and the making of representations on their behalf to appropriate authorities.
  • To encourage the consultation by governmental authorities and industry associations on matters affecting the interests of members.
  • To maximize the benefits of the Chamber’s relationship with the Israeli Embassy in Portugal, the Embassy of Portugal in Israel and their extensive Portugal-based network of contacts, in order to continually enhance the Chamber’s profile and credibility.
  • To promote the objectives of the Chamber by contact with other bodies in Portugal, operating within similar or complementary fields, including other Chambers of Commerce and local government and national governmental entities.
  • To create a platform of communication among the existing Members and, as a result, have their experiences being shared and expand the membership of the Chamber.
  • To consequently expand the membership of the Chamber.

Board of Directors

António Korn


Gabriel Steinhardt

Vice- President

Alberto Teixeira



Vitor Domingues


Luis Abrantes


David Kolinski


Ronald Brodheim

Chairman of the board of the general table

Frederico Pinheiro

1st secretary of the general table

Daniel Terra VIana

2nd secretary of the general table

Eduardo Lopes


Luís Quinás

Chairman of the Supervisory Board